Seeler May was released 2013 NEW

Fashion and new way of life, and constantly promote the fashion industry to develop and new As one falls; industry competition and brand restructuring,planning process, a new brand of the night sky like a streamer, the rainbow after the rain, bring a bright color and vitality to the fashion world. At the beginning of May, Seeler silk fashion brand, is carrying the 2013 new stage in Shenzhen Jin Guanghua Commercial Plaza passion, its new through the”classic, fashion business, Kate Spade Sale dresses, accessories” and so on several series, in order to provide dinner for numerous fashion consumer. Seeler May was released 2013 new Seeler is German for ”soul”, however this term refers not only to the general sense of the soul itself, more important is contains theanalysis of thought, idea, will, culture and theology spiritual nature andinfiltration,

In a gifted translator from Seeler in the name of the source, by virtue of theEuropean philosophy, literature, aesthetics, religion and profound knowledgeand skills, creative will be the ”Seeler” translated as ”full of spirit”. But on fashion ”essence” is the most simple, the most direct Seeler the pursuit offashion, crystallization of Seeler is ”product” and “quality” the most beautiful.Seeler unique fashion sense is endowed with unique charm of women out of the ordinary. Let them understand what is really cool, understated elegance,like the little woman’s self-confidence and perseverance; Fashion subtlety is Seeler and from different brand soul, always pay attention to customer knowledge and experience to the intrinsic value of the brand, in 2013 the new Seeler is even more so. At the beginning of May, Seeler silk fashion brand, is carrying the 2013 new stage in Shenzhen Jin Guanghua Commercial Plazapassion, its new through the ”classic, fashion business, dresses, accessories” and so on several series, in order to provide dinner for numerous fashionconsumer. Seeler classic series pursued classical with modern minimalismstyle, for the popular trend of the pursuit, focusing on the low-key, delicate,subtle, noble elegant temperament. This series of modern urban women have great infection of temptation, because be respect and confidence is the bestimage of women in pursuit of success.

Seeler fashion business series still maintained a style noble, low-key andelegant, but the design elements, the product function, more inclusive, can adapt to all kinds of formal and casual dress occasions. This seriesemphasizes the function of life and comfort, including random matching jacket,skirts, shirts, seven minutes of pants, sleeveless coat, scarf, silk, jacket, coat,dress, product category rich. And from the initial design, is to give the wearer a broader choice, in the selection of accessories, accessories, shoes, bags and so has a sufficient degree of freedom. All kinds of banquet, parties, concerts,business reception and other formal occasions is a part of social life of modernwomen. Seeler dress series emphasizes women slim waist, appropriate to Kate Spade Outlet Stores expose exaggerated and with a sense of weight and lap and shoulder, elegant feeling of chest, arm, fully embodies the graceful and beautiful female curve,also left a space for the gorgeous jewelry. Low neckline, decorative and strong sense of design, focus on the use of mosaic, embroidery, wrinkle collar,gorgeous lace, bowknot, rose, while maintaining the European classical,orthodox dress to impress at the same time, more prominent women’s eleganttemperament. Accessories series of main products is inclined towel, towel,scarf, scarf and other kinds of silk products, the most pure natural silk, fine material, variety, prints and rich and colorful, silk, exquisite processing technology, make life more colorful and gorgeous.

In the Seeler clothing series, silk in the collar, collar, lining, skirt and so ondetails of the treatment has been widely used, emphasizing the designaesthetic, function, can change to Seeler every piece of clothing such aselaborate fashion treasures, often let you inadvertently to experience Seeler brings you fashion. The Seeler brand’s main customer base is at the age of 35- 45 years old mature women, they respect the tradition and the modernmainstream culture education, well-educated, have certain knowledge andexperience, understand the rational choice in the traditional and the line, has the certain economic basis, a stable income, have the demand on the quality of life, focus on instrumentation and image, has a wide range of social life.Love life, have confidence, have the taste is their best portrayal. Seeler is with the market oriented, service for the purpose, to win for the purpose, is a kind of spirit, a kind of culture, a dream, a chance, the road of the brand is committed to sustainable development, to shopping malls counters and storesas the main channel. Accurate market positioning, the pursuit of high-qualityas the foundation, Kate Spade Outlet uses the international advanced management mode,scientific management, improve the service mechanism, the Seeler brandculture to promote, improve. Shenzhen silk enterprise Limited by Share Ltd as the Seeler brand in the China markets only operators, in addition to meet theneeds of the market China excellent products, will also provide the nationalbrand management and services for SEELE, development evaluation includingretail, investment analysis and guidance; design and construction schemestores; service VIP system and unified management the professionalmanagement and logistics service, etc..

Slope with to create the perfect leg type

Demonstration: JUNIEL star Cui Zhunxi nude color not only visually lengthenthe leg line, but also suitable for most of the color of the wardrobe. Whethershopping or walking the red carpet appearance, can easily control. If you havea pair of nude color wedges, you can keep all Kate Spade Sale day with ease and grace arefrom work to date. With the JUNIEL 2013 Seoul fashion week shorts and longcoat, a pair of nude ride down the wedges, color and skin color are similar,extend the legs, legs naturally looked long and thin. Demonstration Star: Pu Zhenen Park Chung Eun white half perspective is provided with a pair ofwedges can let her show good shape and on the black fish mouth wedges,very easy. Fiona grace ”slope with secrets” is consistent with the color of pants, this will make the legs more slender.

Single product recommended Christian Louboutin 6183RMB Brian Atwoodcolor wedges slope sandals 4661RMB Sergio Rossi geometric print wedges8328RMB DV8 by Dolce Vita green wedges of 1261RMB Alice + Olivia2019RMB Kate Spade slope slope sandals shoes with 1852RMB single product recommendation Casadei Prabal pointed wedges of 5779RMBValentino 3076RMB Lanvin slope and slope sandals 9881RMB Sergio Rossi1553RMB GUCCI cortical wedge slope sandals 3182RMB Stella McCartneywedges 5742RMB page page 123 of this navigation Yoona HyunA lead “wedges” wind surge up Seckill stubby legs slope with to create the perfect legexposed the ankle wedges

The actress demonstration pear shaped dressing by

Zhu Zhu star Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu: demonstration of white shirt pants with light textured yarn quality Kate Spade Outlet Stores knee length skirt, a strong contrast is a sense of hierarchy significant legislation. Silk umbrella skirt has a natural skirt, can you walk more graceful charm, only with a pair of simple heels, is enough to let the beautiful leg quietly blooming fatal temptation. A sense of hierarchy designgauze skirt longitudinal folds in addition to modify the hip curve, also visuallyelongated legs. Single product recommended product recommendation:Collette by Collette Dinnigan 2090RMB Nili Lotan blue umbrella skirt shirt 1925RMB Kate Spade golden high-heeled sandals 2223RMB KOTUR handbags, 2173RMB He Sui

Supermodel Sui 50′s knee length skirt not only fit girly, and waist and tighten the loose skirt can produce waist buttock effect. The skirt’s ability is very good,it is suitable for almost all body MM. Complementary in the color, or choose a neutral color can make you elegant sense upgrade. Single productrecommended product recommendation: Jil Sander black wool coat 15900RMBValentino skirt 6832RMB Chlo é 8664RMB shirt Coach backpack1602RMBDita Von Teese Dita Von Teese demonstration Star: simple white T-shirt and stamp skirt immediately create a vintage girls look, plus the bandageballet shoes, retro single package, lips and hair immediately, showing a full 50 years of elegance and romance. Even if there is a pair of stout legs will besuch a stunning dress graft and Kate Spade Outlet transplant. Single product recommended product recommendation: Paul Smith 2763RMB Rebecca Taylor print skirt lace top 2951RMB Chanel 8664RMB Marc Jacobs single shoulder bag flat2236RMB LINDA FARROW 4981RMB Tory Burch 892RMB Sunglassesearrings on one page page 12345 of this navigation pear shaped dress by Yang Mi umbrella skirt thin ”power” is the actress demonstration pear shape.Dressing the pear shaped dressing by major actress demonstration pear shaped dressing the pear shaped dressing by

Spring 10 fashion items recommended

Spring 10 fashion items recommended

Goldsign for J.Crew Jeane Jean J.Crew Goldsign for J.Crew Jeane Jean Jeans 6 J.Crew Cowboy ($288) the most American style cowboy suit won many fans,nine minutes of pants jeans bare ankles, legs and elongated proportions,supporting and denim shirts, baseball caps and other series products. Kate Spade Sale Loeffler Randall x Tucker lock clutch printing bag 7 Loeffler Randall x Tucker lock clutch printed bag ($295)

This is a hand of a US this spring must buy Bag, with manual embroiderydesign, large flower blooms greet splendid spring, the bag surface is full of poppattern, ethnic customs hand bag favorably. Keds x Kate Spade New Yorkpointer sneakers Red Canvas Shoes 8 Keds x Kate Spade New York pointersneakers red canvas shoes ($85) is to be dazzling colorful spring up, the RedCanvas Sneakers make walking more comfortable, playful color dancing youth charm, out of the house, put on sport shoes to enjoy the spring sunshine.Olivia gown 9 Olivia gown Bohemia Bohemia style clothing style clothing($3000) delicate lace, meticulous workmanship make white clothes with soul,Bohemia style dress made sexy becomes pure aestheticism, the garment’s charm lies in that you didn’t have the slightest idea. Superga for Roberto delCarlo high-top sneaker Superga for 10 for grey sports shoes Roberto delCarlo high-top sneaker high grey sports shoes ($335) this is the high tops avery handsome, gray color natural, without any affectation workmanship Kate Spade Outlet Stores noteasy for anyone, comfort and simple fashion is the most classic philosophy forthis sneaker.

Six one play the part of tender can not low Yang Mi Fan Ye high-end age reduction surgery

Intro: Children’s Day coming, in the children’s carnival season, 80 or 70 when you are ready to make trouble? Play the part of tender is the subject, but as afashion people believe you must not be satisfied by check to wearing a black frame glasses pout act loving and other low-end fun, no age and fashion is the purpose that we should remember the high-end by age. Here follow the entertainment age veteran who come together to be a taste of the big children!Demonstration: Angelababy reduced animal age star high-end art printing ageindex: ★★★★★ animal printing began to become the trend of hot spots fromlast season, tiger and other ferocious beasts in the fashion circle domesticatedbecame fashionable and lovely totem. Angelababy type T with sequins collartiger stripes and umbrella skirt, gruff tiger stamp stay adorable cute, like a childhand, playful and fashionable very.

Demonstration Star: Huo Siyan Kuanpao big sleeves fox lines cloak skirt withsports shoes, lovely, vibrant, colorful rainbow be riotous with colour is the best elements of childlike expression, to convey the childishness also extremelystylish and comfortable, 33 year old Huo Siyan moment by age to 25.Demonstration: Katy star Perry high-end age Mini umbrella skirt age index: ★ ★ ★ ★ split printing Mini umbrella skirt holiday atmosphere, such as in atropical island, short skirts, colorful printing beautiful Keren, strawberry small bag so adorable state reach the peak of perfection, Children’s Dayapproaching, pretty well in hot and sweet Look made his return to Qiao two eight girls. Demonstration: Romantic star Cyndi Wang woven pattern slingumbrella skirt bring Sicily, empire waist design to create a supermodel bigdaddy long legs, slim white Cyndi Wang as Bobbi doll like beautiful Keren, by age effect since Needless to say, it is Kate Spade Outlet important to bra designed to let the Bobbi dolls have a sexy means, who said that the age. Tender too low?Previous page 1234567 of this navigation six one play the part of tender notlow Yang Mi Fan Ye high-end age art Yang Mi guest interviews Fan Bingbing Princess Dolls cute sister Xinyi Zhang Yang Mi play the part of tender and lovely lady wind up Zhu Zhu intellectual sweet wind Yang Mi youth with surgery